I got Y! mail beta today~~hooray

January 27, 2006

i have requested it months ago, and I was dismayed too wait for so long. But today when I just log in to see whether there is a new message, a new window appeal to me: I got it! I finally got it~ The yahoo mail beta, very happy to see the sweet thing made up of AJAX, the speed is very fast and there is a feature similar to Gmail’s webclip too: you can check in to read the latest headlines here~~

Post a screenshot here:

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Firefox 2.0 coming soon?

January 26, 2006

According to the Mozilla Firefox 2 Roadmap , the long expected Firefox 2.0 may appear on Feb 10,2006.
And it is said that several features will be eventually added to this pre-feature complete alpha. The time table and further detail can be obtianed from the chart below:

Firefox 2.0 with a branch name of Bon Echo, will have a sharp innovation of themes and bookmark management,they also say that the tab bowser feature and search element will be changed greatly.And it’s probaly to find a feature similar to spell check in the next generation of the alternative browser.

Continuing the tradition, Firefox 2 will use a pre-release code name taken from a public park. Bon Echo Provincial Park (http://www.ontarioparks.com/english/bone.html) is located in Ontario, Canada. The name literally translates to “good echo”, and reflects how it is our goal echoes that of Firefox 1, once again focusing on improving the browsing experience for our users, making it simple, effective, fast and useful. [From mozilla.org]

[News]Microsoft to open up Windows source code to rivals

January 26, 2006

No other detail was introduced and I was not going to say more about it,please read the news below.
The open policy of the software monopoly is a huge challenge to the open source software makers. It’s a fact without any truth, however we should walk on the road who’ve chosen.
Things won’t won’t be that simple and any prediction without proof can not be trusted either.

Free solutions to commercial

January 25, 2006
Last time I talked about that the free distribution of commercial softwares or the modification of commercial softwares will not only harm the profit of those large software manufactures but it will disturb the overall industy rule as well. So I thought about some free solutions to this situation, that is to use some free and open-sourced softwares to replace those commercial wares with high price.
First I have to say that some people have prejudice about free software.They often think that free softwares are all small and amateur-made tools with ugly interface and often need a long and hard manualto read through so that he could learn how to use it.Actually the open source movement not only brings us large platforms like Open Office but with some world class softwares like Firefox,etc
However,here is a simply list:
1 As to the browser, I need to say again it’s Firefox,this challenger is the strongest enemy M$ has ever faced. It’s a very flexible browser with a lot of stuff which users can modify so that the browser can work under your unique situation, plus the tremendous amount of extensions can make Firefox so capable a browser that it even can take the place of some other traditional applications, for example, you can use Performancing to post your blog (for whom I deleted Zoundry Blog Editor from my PC today,and with whom I am writing the very words you are reading). Firefox can and definitely will be a alternative choice to IE. And its uprising trend can and will last for a relative long period in the future.I don’t think I need to say more about this free stuff,it’ really a good application and millions of users are making a switch to use it, statistic can tell us everything.
2 FileZilla A free ftp client,without a attractive UI,this software enjoys a poplarity for its stability and speed for file transfering. Traditional ftp clients like FlashFXP or CuteFXP are both expensive and hard to use softwares. FileZilla is obviously a good option for users who are afraid of making things too complicated.
3 Mpc to MP or realplayer, Media Player Classic is a free and open sourced media player, it can handle most of the popular media file form on the internet, despite the simple interface it has, the effective way of playing media files from the internet satisfied the dream of playing everything in a single player. Try to use it and you will find that using commercial players are really a waste of time and system resource.
4 Free antivirus softwares, all in all, it’s cheaper to use a free AV software: they may be not that capable to remove all the threat from your system,but they comes for free, experiments proved that most free av tools can protect home and small office machines (as long as you don’t use your PC as a lab machine in a virus lab). Namely, AVG free edition and Avast! Home edition are both two valuable alternative to those expensive commercial AV tool.

Here is just a simple list of free softwares which can take the place of commercial tools which we are already to, if I thought of anything more,I will add as notes!
Get away of your prejudice of free softwares, try first and leave a comment about them later~~

Unbelievable Truth~~ A Windows 98 below 50mb

January 22, 2006

Crakers here in China has found one thing for fun. And they played the game to the extreme. They are fond of modifing everything, Inside my computer, I have several modified version of software– Powerword, a very well known computer dictionary, a modified RealPlayer which can run faster and smoothlier than the official release.

Yesterday when I was reading a chinese blogger’s post in his blog, I realized that there is somewhere a Windows 98 modified version existing on the internet which is smaller in size than 50 mb. So I turned to Google and found a lot of stuff to download, I got a rar file less than 45 mb and then made it into kan iso image file and installed successfully in my virtual machine.

The speed of the system is very very fast, (without any doubt it should be this case, the system has nothing but the corn of the kernel of the M$ system). It reminds me of the age when I was using this once-monopolistic system. At that time I often met the blue screen that remind me politely that my system encountered a problem and I have no other way but to reboot the system. I really hate this system, but how do you think about a GUIed system with full capability to run the largest softwares in a size less than 50mb?

I can understand a modified Photoshop less than 100mb and I can understand a Office 2003 under 150mb(the installation pack) and I can even understand a Windows XP under the size of 200mb (the installation iso file) but how can you make a Windows 98 under 50mb?

Technically, I am all at sea about how the modified system was made.But I have something else to talk about:

I admit that I am a hardcore and even crazy fan of the opensource movement, I really hate M$’s monopoly in the biz of operating system ,but end users can not do this kind of things to answer his own desire to find free and tiny softwares to use, Million of users here in China are downloading softwares of this kind everyday, and posts in the major crack forum are all towards this kind of software-mods or crack version of applications. Users are destroying the game rules.Plus they are doing harm to themselves too, they are sacrisfing the services and good quality to get a free and instant access to the high cost commercial softwares.

The commercial softwares will be cornered, if it become a trend no one would spend $ to buy things anymore, and the more people use the mods of commercial softwares they will become more used to these softwares, and they would not rather change to other solutions because they are afraid of the complex transition. So that people will refuse to change to work with free software eventually.

All in all this is a bad thing not only to user himself but to the industry also.Beware! It’s time to keep some of the crack techniques in labs only now!

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Albums I am indulged in…

January 22, 2006

I can never live without music for a single day, and I spend the same time to search for my favorite tunes as I spend to find new and weird things for fun on the internet.
Search for free and high quality rock music seems to be harder nowadays. I have several ways to download them: first and the most effective way: emule, inside the p2pworld, you can easily find those who share the same taste and interest in music, and at the same time of downloading, you can also talk with them in the IRC channel, you may make friends too! Second, is the traditional way, ask for help in a forum and wait for their replies. In some hot forums, no matter how rare and how extreme your request is, they will always be able to give you a URL which lead you to somewhere that will answer your desire in finding your music. Third, we have a huge ftp with high speed internet connection, we discussed in the forum, and the uploader list the music’s detailed information and the .rar achieve password in his post in the forum, then after reading the post you can judge whether you need it or not, If the answer is yes, you can check that out in the ftp! I got a whole collection of Lacrimosaand Lacuna Coilin this way!
Try hard and you can always find something you need!
Here comes a list of albums I am indulged in recently:
1) Lichtgestalt(This 2005 album is extraordinary) I’ve formed a deep believe of Lacrimosa and a trust of the quality of their work. This one obviously can not reach the height of Elodiaor Fassade; however it is a most valuable album for the Gothicfans. You can’t miss it! Plus this one is very easy to find in the ed2k network, drive your emule and get it, aqueura recommend strongly Five Star!
2) Children of Bodom— young force in melodic death, I bet you’ve heard the song “Everytime I die“, try their other works, you will be amazed and you can stop shake you head constantly to the music! I like the vocal and the keyboarder very much. Recommend album “Follow the reaper” and “Something wild”.
3) L’ame Immortelle‘s “Dann habe ich umsonst gelebt“, although called a Dark wave band, this album seems to be very popularized, the tunes seems as a dance music, but with the dark and desperate lyrics and the strong electron beats, you will feel another tide of death, very good music very good female vocal, I love her voice~
As I mentioned in my last post, you can turn to Yahoo! Music and try more music in your flavor, if you came across a band you’ve never tried before, use soulseek to find some other songs of the band, then you can judge whether you like it or not, if so, you can search them in emule and get them. This is the order I use to find music~~~

Plus Sonata Arcticais a very good band, I am enjoying it now~~~~This is all the things i can do to find my music, and i got most of the things i want successfully, if you have some better or newer of more weird ways to find tuns on the internet, give a comment, million thanks~~

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What am i using for security.

January 21, 2006

I always visit different websites for fun or for some need to find new information as well, and sometimes when i was about to find a mp3 or small video clip in some small and unknown websites, i was always downloading at the risk of bringing new viruses to my PC.
So I showed great interest in the new and effective ways to protect myself on the internet.
I used to use Kaspersky, but it will take up too much system resources, and it’s incredible for old PCs to use this world well-known antivirus software. My pc isn’t that poor, but i wanna play music and do some emule’ing and surf at the same time, if i run a Kaspersky for protection, you can imagine what will happen. I will always be safe, because I can’t do anything.
Then I turn to the free antivirus softwares, among them AVG’s Free Version is a very good stuff, the speed is very fast and it will always be able to get updated with a relatively high frequency. However, they are not that effective. Some of the latest viruses will be allowed to get in. Free antivirus is definitely a good solution for home users but it really has a long way to go. Maybe they can add some ads in their software which can get them more money. (Bringing new ads? It must be funny to see an advertisement selling ipod in a antivirus software…)
At last I find a balance, that is nod32, this commercial AV software is enjoying a good reputation and a amazing and ever-growing popularity on the internet recently, and it is as smart as Kaspersky in detecting infected files and unknown threat on the internet, but as to the ability to defend you from the Trojan Horses and some malwares it is just another case. So you need to find a mate for him so that you can get a much more effective shelter against viruses and threats on the internet.
And I thought of Zone Alarm, i think it’s needless to say more about this world-class professional firewall, however it become another system resource killer after the release of the 6.0 version (if you run this firewall with other antivirus softwares). But this will not do to me, I don’t need another firewall, Microsoft’s Windows XP Sp2 integrated a very nice stuff, so I rejected this idea.
Then I came across Trojan Remover, it can protect you from 19231 malwares (according to the 19 Jan, 2006 update), and it’s just a simple software to use and you need no configuration. Nowadays it’s hard to find such kind of plain looking but effective softwares, huh?
That is all, that is what I am using to protect myself, I believe it’s not the best way, but I am confident it’s enough for home users.
Plus, most of the viruses and threats are greenlighted by your browser, if you can block some of them in your browser, you the AV softwares will have fewer jobs to do. So you mean what I am talking about? Use a gecko-based browser (e.g. Firefox, Dr.Orca) they can provide you with a better and more secure environment while surfing!

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Hooray! Yahoo! Launchcast

January 20, 2006

Several months ago my friends told me that Yahoo! had launched its online free personal music station,and it was told amazing. I didn’t give much attention to it at that time, I logged in and said to myself “Wow! As slow as Yahoo! 360” And I ran astray.

Plus I was always confident that I can find the exact thing i need on the Internet with in a short while.So I don’t need this kinda service I thought.

But music is an exception, rock music is always hard to find on the Internet, especially the extreme rock and black rock,and especially you always wanna get all the works of a certain musician downloaded together.

Today I logged in to check my Mail,and I was thinking what to listen, foobar has a long-time unchanged playlist,and lacrimosa brings me no extreme pleasure and surprise now,i wanna get all the things i want!

I thought Yahoo’s launchcast is just like Winamp’s shoutcast(they are both casts), i mean, i thought it will run in the traditional way, we have to listen to the songs of their flavor,but i was proved wrong.

All your ratings and your preference will matter the next track comes to you,the server will arrange your playlist in your own way,you like Gothic it will play Gothic constantly~

I was still busy adding more bands to my artists.

Plus the speed connecting is very slow when you begin to establish your station,but the music will come to you uninterrupted,i guess they must be in the .wma format, a Windows Media Player slogan at the bottom of the page reminds me of this~

In all the Yahoo Launchcast is really a sexy stuff to me,and the amounts of rock music there will definitely rock you,if you are in hanger of finding more and better songs,and if you are in hanger of find a balance of reading something while listening to your favorite tunes at the same time, check in to have a look,it is really amazing~~

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This is the first blog posted via Zoundry Blog Writer

November 26, 2005

This is the first blog posted via Zoundry Blog Writer.

This software is just a sweet tool which support a large amount of blog systems.

What amazed me is that you can easily add a Technorati Tag at the bottom of your blog, which is not supported by blogger’s editor yet.

It’s a test~

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Teach you how to hide your ass

October 26, 2005

No more words about it
Try this site: http://www.hidemyass.com/
And type some banned website in the field, see whether you can get them~~~
Haha A perfect free web proxy…