What am i using for security.

I always visit different websites for fun or for some need to find new information as well, and sometimes when i was about to find a mp3 or small video clip in some small and unknown websites, i was always downloading at the risk of bringing new viruses to my PC.
So I showed great interest in the new and effective ways to protect myself on the internet.
I used to use Kaspersky, but it will take up too much system resources, and it’s incredible for old PCs to use this world well-known antivirus software. My pc isn’t that poor, but i wanna play music and do some emule’ing and surf at the same time, if i run a Kaspersky for protection, you can imagine what will happen. I will always be safe, because I can’t do anything.
Then I turn to the free antivirus softwares, among them AVG’s Free Version is a very good stuff, the speed is very fast and it will always be able to get updated with a relatively high frequency. However, they are not that effective. Some of the latest viruses will be allowed to get in. Free antivirus is definitely a good solution for home users but it really has a long way to go. Maybe they can add some ads in their software which can get them more money. (Bringing new ads? It must be funny to see an advertisement selling ipod in a antivirus software…)
At last I find a balance, that is nod32, this commercial AV software is enjoying a good reputation and a amazing and ever-growing popularity on the internet recently, and it is as smart as Kaspersky in detecting infected files and unknown threat on the internet, but as to the ability to defend you from the Trojan Horses and some malwares it is just another case. So you need to find a mate for him so that you can get a much more effective shelter against viruses and threats on the internet.
And I thought of Zone Alarm, i think it’s needless to say more about this world-class professional firewall, however it become another system resource killer after the release of the 6.0 version (if you run this firewall with other antivirus softwares). But this will not do to me, I don’t need another firewall, Microsoft’s Windows XP Sp2 integrated a very nice stuff, so I rejected this idea.
Then I came across Trojan Remover, it can protect you from 19231 malwares (according to the 19 Jan, 2006 update), and it’s just a simple software to use and you need no configuration. Nowadays it’s hard to find such kind of plain looking but effective softwares, huh?
That is all, that is what I am using to protect myself, I believe it’s not the best way, but I am confident it’s enough for home users.
Plus, most of the viruses and threats are greenlighted by your browser, if you can block some of them in your browser, you the AV softwares will have fewer jobs to do. So you mean what I am talking about? Use a gecko-based browser (e.g. Firefox, Dr.Orca) they can provide you with a better and more secure environment while surfing!

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