Albums I am indulged in…

I can never live without music for a single day, and I spend the same time to search for my favorite tunes as I spend to find new and weird things for fun on the internet.
Search for free and high quality rock music seems to be harder nowadays. I have several ways to download them: first and the most effective way: emule, inside the p2pworld, you can easily find those who share the same taste and interest in music, and at the same time of downloading, you can also talk with them in the IRC channel, you may make friends too! Second, is the traditional way, ask for help in a forum and wait for their replies. In some hot forums, no matter how rare and how extreme your request is, they will always be able to give you a URL which lead you to somewhere that will answer your desire in finding your music. Third, we have a huge ftp with high speed internet connection, we discussed in the forum, and the uploader list the music’s detailed information and the .rar achieve password in his post in the forum, then after reading the post you can judge whether you need it or not, If the answer is yes, you can check that out in the ftp! I got a whole collection of Lacrimosaand Lacuna Coilin this way!
Try hard and you can always find something you need!
Here comes a list of albums I am indulged in recently:
1) Lichtgestalt(This 2005 album is extraordinary) I’ve formed a deep believe of Lacrimosa and a trust of the quality of their work. This one obviously can not reach the height of Elodiaor Fassade; however it is a most valuable album for the Gothicfans. You can’t miss it! Plus this one is very easy to find in the ed2k network, drive your emule and get it, aqueura recommend strongly Five Star!
2) Children of Bodom— young force in melodic death, I bet you’ve heard the song “Everytime I die“, try their other works, you will be amazed and you can stop shake you head constantly to the music! I like the vocal and the keyboarder very much. Recommend album “Follow the reaper” and “Something wild”.
3) L’ame Immortelle‘s “Dann habe ich umsonst gelebt“, although called a Dark wave band, this album seems to be very popularized, the tunes seems as a dance music, but with the dark and desperate lyrics and the strong electron beats, you will feel another tide of death, very good music very good female vocal, I love her voice~
As I mentioned in my last post, you can turn to Yahoo! Music and try more music in your flavor, if you came across a band you’ve never tried before, use soulseek to find some other songs of the band, then you can judge whether you like it or not, if so, you can search them in emule and get them. This is the order I use to find music~~~

Plus Sonata Arcticais a very good band, I am enjoying it now~~~~This is all the things i can do to find my music, and i got most of the things i want successfully, if you have some better or newer of more weird ways to find tuns on the internet, give a comment, million thanks~~

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