Free solutions to commercial

Last time I talked about that the free distribution of commercial softwares or the modification of commercial softwares will not only harm the profit of those large software manufactures but it will disturb the overall industy rule as well. So I thought about some free solutions to this situation, that is to use some free and open-sourced softwares to replace those commercial wares with high price.
First I have to say that some people have prejudice about free software.They often think that free softwares are all small and amateur-made tools with ugly interface and often need a long and hard manualto read through so that he could learn how to use it.Actually the open source movement not only brings us large platforms like Open Office but with some world class softwares like Firefox,etc
However,here is a simply list:
1 As to the browser, I need to say again it’s Firefox,this challenger is the strongest enemy M$ has ever faced. It’s a very flexible browser with a lot of stuff which users can modify so that the browser can work under your unique situation, plus the tremendous amount of extensions can make Firefox so capable a browser that it even can take the place of some other traditional applications, for example, you can use Performancing to post your blog (for whom I deleted Zoundry Blog Editor from my PC today,and with whom I am writing the very words you are reading). Firefox can and definitely will be a alternative choice to IE. And its uprising trend can and will last for a relative long period in the future.I don’t think I need to say more about this free stuff,it’ really a good application and millions of users are making a switch to use it, statistic can tell us everything.
2 FileZilla A free ftp client,without a attractive UI,this software enjoys a poplarity for its stability and speed for file transfering. Traditional ftp clients like FlashFXP or CuteFXP are both expensive and hard to use softwares. FileZilla is obviously a good option for users who are afraid of making things too complicated.
3 Mpc to MP or realplayer, Media Player Classic is a free and open sourced media player, it can handle most of the popular media file form on the internet, despite the simple interface it has, the effective way of playing media files from the internet satisfied the dream of playing everything in a single player. Try to use it and you will find that using commercial players are really a waste of time and system resource.
4 Free antivirus softwares, all in all, it’s cheaper to use a free AV software: they may be not that capable to remove all the threat from your system,but they comes for free, experiments proved that most free av tools can protect home and small office machines (as long as you don’t use your PC as a lab machine in a virus lab). Namely, AVG free edition and Avast! Home edition are both two valuable alternative to those expensive commercial AV tool.

Here is just a simple list of free softwares which can take the place of commercial tools which we are already to, if I thought of anything more,I will add as notes!
Get away of your prejudice of free softwares, try first and leave a comment about them later~~


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