Hooray! Yahoo! Launchcast

Several months ago my friends told me that Yahoo! had launched its online free personal music station,and it was told amazing. I didn’t give much attention to it at that time, I logged in and said to myself “Wow! As slow as Yahoo! 360” And I ran astray.

Plus I was always confident that I can find the exact thing i need on the Internet with in a short while.So I don’t need this kinda service I thought.

But music is an exception, rock music is always hard to find on the Internet, especially the extreme rock and black rock,and especially you always wanna get all the works of a certain musician downloaded together.

Today I logged in to check my Mail,and I was thinking what to listen, foobar has a long-time unchanged playlist,and lacrimosa brings me no extreme pleasure and surprise now,i wanna get all the things i want!

I thought Yahoo’s launchcast is just like Winamp’s shoutcast(they are both casts), i mean, i thought it will run in the traditional way, we have to listen to the songs of their flavor,but i was proved wrong.

All your ratings and your preference will matter the next track comes to you,the server will arrange your playlist in your own way,you like Gothic it will play Gothic constantly~

I was still busy adding more bands to my artists.

Plus the speed connecting is very slow when you begin to establish your station,but the music will come to you uninterrupted,i guess they must be in the .wma format, a Windows Media Player slogan at the bottom of the page reminds me of this~

In all the Yahoo Launchcast is really a sexy stuff to me,and the amounts of rock music there will definitely rock you,if you are in hanger of finding more and better songs,and if you are in hanger of find a balance of reading something while listening to your favorite tunes at the same time, check in to have a look,it is really amazing~~

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