I got Y! mail beta today~~hooray

i have requested it months ago, and I was dismayed too wait for so long. But today when I just log in to see whether there is a new message, a new window appeal to me: I got it! I finally got it~ The yahoo mail beta, very happy to see the sweet thing made up of AJAX, the speed is very fast and there is a feature similar to Gmail’s webclip too: you can check in to read the latest headlines here~~

Post a screenshot here:

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5 Responses to “I got Y! mail beta today~~hooray”

  1. lenina Says:


    I’ve noticed that you haven’t posted on your blog in ages! Why have you stopped writing? Did you just get bored, or was it too much work? Is your blog dead for good, or are you going to continue to write? Please let me know 🙂 .

    Blog Liberation Front (http://lenina.wordpress.com/)

  2. snowspy8123 Says:


  3. sweetheartx3 Says:

    um.. is this u ted?

  4. Huang Junwei Says:


    I notice you haven’t been posting for quite long. Please continue to post, your content is great!


  5. bambicase5452 Says:

    Ciou00e8 fammi capire… ho letto piu volte…nMa non mi pare di vedere la tua spiegazione al PERCHE’ accada questo…nCito:n“Mi sono sempre chiesto come mai questo numero non corrispondesse hai messaggi letti. Dando una sbirciatina in rete ho capito come risolvere il problema.”nDomanda, hai capito il perchu00e8 oppure no?nMessageExpiryDays secondo te cosa vuol dire?nSiccome di certo sai il perchu00e8.. non sarebbe male se tu ne rendessi partecipi anche gli altri lettori… O vuoi fare l’oracolo che dice le cose ma non le spiega?nha ha hahttps://ameo.link/bambicase545208180

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