Blogspot is no longer blocked

October 25, 2005

My pals all said to me on my im that the access to (my blog hosting) is no longer blocked here in Mainland China yesterday morning when I came back from Xi’an with out touching internet for at least 2 days.
With overwhelmingly strong puzzle and happiness, I tried to put my blog address in the location bar of IE…And the familar webpage which contains everything i wrote everyday was there~~~

Anyhow the happiness brings me another pain at the same time, Wikipedia is blocked~~~~

Trade my blog with my knowledge base~~

Wow~~When will there be an end to this kind of disgusting web life?


Hello world!

October 25, 2005

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Steal from the school netcafe

October 18, 2005
I really hate the school very much for it brings me nothing but only boring life. So I’d like to seize every chance to do harm to it and get something from it for free.
Last week when I came back from home, I was told that we can pay 1 rmb yuan for an hour web access. So amid great joy and surprise I came there with my pals.
The minute I touched the system they use, I found that it was just shit.
Call out your process manager, and kill the process of the system, then a neat and clean desktop can do  everything.
It’s a perfect solution to get free web but the administrator may found out that your machine was not logged,so I thought of another way to achieve my goal.
Do not log on and do not kill the log on and pay system,either. Just call out your process manager and open the Internet explorer directly from it.
Get the browser, Huh? I believe you can do the rest by yourself~~~

Thoughts about G-Reader

October 16, 2005
I am a hardcore fan of the Rss technology which I think brings us most convenient way to get the right information that we need in least time.
And I will raise my two hand up both if we can do all this in our browser. So whenever there is a new web news reader, I will have no hesitation to try it ASAP.
It was no exception for Google’s new stuff. Most of my friends have tried this G-labeled tools but most of us were disappointed (including me).
First of all, Gmail excelled in web mail just because the use of Ajax, which will make gmail much faster than it counterparts. Google Reade uses Ajax too. but with out been optimized,the speed is rather slow, and much slower than bloglines which only uses no advanced techs but only frames.
Second Google reader is not at all easy to use, although it has shortcut keys but it seems that it’s designed for left handed users~~To me it far more hard to use than Bloglines.
Anyhow Google reader has some advantages too, first it’s such a neat interface that there can’t be anything else bothering you. Second. you can view a feed or website just in the reader itself, so you can’t make a single mistake in adding a new feed or editing your settings.
Google reader is a relatively good product, but it’s also the worst Google made product I’ve ever tried. It’s so unfortunate that there is already a perfect Bloglines existing. Probably we can use Google reader as a alternative to Bloglines, when Bloglines is out of work, use it to continue our reading.

Back again

October 16, 2005
I’ve been away from posting any blog for at least 1and a half months, now I am on my way back to do it again.‘s access is still been blocked in China. Anyhow the control panel is already visible to users. So I can change my blog settings without spending hours finding a stable and fast proxy anymore. lol~~~
But when I came to the cp. I realized that I really need to write more often these days to make up things I’ve been missed~~~
Work hard then~~~

Hello~Google Talk

August 24, 2005

Rumor finally came into reality,today I got the Google IM,the interface is so clean,no advertisement and no useless features~~
Although called to be an instant messenger,Google Talk provided us with only a few features.But I was amazed that it support audio talks.When we can get a GTalk as strong as MSN Messenger~~
I am wondering that yet we’ve got the IM,will Google OS be far away?

Desktop can be everything,but how long?

August 23, 2005

Today I downloaded a copy of the hot desktop toolkit.And I was conquered both by its effect and things I can do with it.
The arena of desktop will be the hottest market in the near future,nobody wants  to let it go.
Yahoo maybe the first to take great action among the three.(Google M$ and Yahoo),and it should be the best up to now.(Because it starts from an existing product).
Anyhow Google will still attach to Yahoo in the new battle.The latest version of Google Desktop Search has included some similar features,Although it’s not that flexible and the extensions are very limited right now,yet we can believe that Google won’t do a very disappointing job here.
Technically speaking,it’s very easy to catch up with Yahoo on desktop utilities.But what bothers the other two is how can they do much better and grab the market successfully.
All of the three have their own local search tools.And now Google had already integrate the ideas of desktop utilities with their local search application.How will the rest react is still unknown.But one thing is very clear–The war on desktop is drawing nearer and nearer.
WebOS is still very far to us,but the dream of doing every thing on the desktop is very near.May be one day we needn’t to argue is Firefox better of IE better,because we may don’t need them at all.

How to make out-datedextensions available again in Firefox

August 22, 2005

Firefox is updating everyday with nightlies,if you are interesting in using the latest version as me..
Here is a method that will help you to keep your extensions available.
1)Download the extension .xpi file [It’s obvious that you should have a certain extension at hands]
2) Open the unrecognized .xpi file with WinRAR. Why WinRAR? Because the xpi file is actually in zip format~~
3)Find the install.rdf file
4)Open it with an editor for example EmEditor or Notepad in Windows.
5)Find the line
And now change the line <em:maxVersion>1.0+</em:maxVersion> and change 1.0+ to a larger version for example the version you are using.

Basically  it will  make most of the unrecognized extensions available again

Firefox’s market share declined for the first time

August 14, 2005

Firefox’s market share declined for the first time. It’s the first line of news that shocked me today.I’ve predicted that it might happen with the release of IE7 beta. However it’s so unacceptable for any hardcore fan of Firefox.

“Firefox’s share shrunk to 8.07% from 8.71% in June, while Internet Explorer grew its market slice to 87.2% in July from 86.56% last month.” (via Computer World)

As to current situation,the only reason for the change is that Firefox had stayed without any great change in feature for a long time.The release of Deer Park beta had been put off for several times.Users are tired of upgrading and finding nothing improving.

The counterparts,on the contrary,are doing a good job than ever before.IE 7 is the best ever version of IE,and Shells like Maxthon and GreenBrowser are both adding new features.

The high occupation of system resource will still be a hard nut to crack,and it may be the Achilles’  heel.

A new search engine

August 13, 2005

Today,via I got to know this search engine.
According to them,this search engine is the world’s most advanced search engine.

Web Image Video Dictionary and mp3 you can find anything you want to know here.
No matter how they said,let’s give it a try I searched a rock band’s name: slipknot,and now let’s see what we got:

As any other search engines you can get the web pages related to this key word,but what differs from ordinary service is that you can get extra information here:
You can get the songs and photos and anything about slipknot.
You can get to know the basic infos about the band and the members…
In a single word,it’s smart
But the speed of the website is so slow……..I don’t think they can get a big hit without a more fast access for anybody.