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Thoughts about Gmail

July 31, 2005

Since I talked about it in my last entry I can’t help thinking more about it,and it makes me pick up the old topic again.
In April I was astonished by talks about the new feature about Gmail–They said that google might add a feature by the name of Web Clip.
No matter how they describe it,and no matter how vivid the picture is in their blog looked,everything proved in vain.
One week ago,Google introduced RSS reading in to the personalized google homepage at last.But I am still missing the dream that I can cast a glimpse and get to know what’s hot and new in the world when checking my email.
Actually Google really want to made gmail part of its most attractive service.When Gmail was put out to stage,we were suffering for not able to get a good and large free email box,but the arrival of Gmail made everybody crazy,and the invitation-only method made more people away from the secret product and feeling helpless.What rocked us next is its capacity,you were told that the age of deleting and sorting your email was gone,you don’t need to sort your email,for the Google mail search will do you a huge favor,you are told that you can do more in Gmail,because they will add more feature soon.
Then peope all over the net were crazy about Gmail,we refuse to use our briefcase anymore because the Gmail Drive Extension was much more convenient.You can even publish your blog via Gmail…at that time everybody believed that Gmail will be the center of their personalized web life.
But what happened later?…Nothing….The last time we were told great change arrived was the arrival of Rich Text Editor…WebClip however still keeps as an potential feature in the entries labled with the time April,X,2005 in some blogs.
But Google shouldn’t stop developing Gmail,gmail is still one of the most attractive stuffs of the Hall of Fame in google.Hotmail has already made a step to grow stronger in the Gmail way,not only capacity but also the way it works(auto-refresh,etc).Google is now realizing the importance of RSS and the word “personalization”.so why cast a successful product aside?
Maybe Gmail can learn something from wallop and flickr,a mailbox shouldn’t be only a mail box,we can check news in it,we can listen to radios in it,or we can send something from the mailbox to our blogs…..
I really miss the days when we were crazy of every small changes about Gmail.And I hope gmail can get on to be the best(at least the most weird) free email ever.


Googlemail in Germany

July 31, 2005

I’ve been told that Gmail service was named Googlemail in Germany due to a law suit of patent.But it was today that I finally got the chance to test it by myself.
I mean I’ve gotten a new gmail but the address is
I told you in my last entry that I am using Tor+Privoxy as my proxy to visit and other fobidden websites.
And today when I was about to have my lunch,I located myself via this site, And i was convinced that I was using the proxy via a German server,then an idea occurred to me at a sudden–I can get an invite by myself and see if it’s really the case…
And I got a new account,and I knew that when during registration ,the only choice is…So here is what I got…See the image here

Something about Deer Park

July 31, 2005

I’ve been using Deer Park alpha 2 for about half a month,now according to the official roadmap,the beta test (Feature Complete general preview release) will be out in the very near future.
After two alpha tests,Deer Park (Firefox 1.5) is proved to be a stable and fast browser.
Equipped with the new kernel (Gecko 1.8),and a brand new Extension system and the potential updating feature,Firefox needn’t to fear the stong challenge from M$ IE 7.
But at the stage of now,I am waiting for a solution to help Firefox work in a smarter way,I mean,Firefox should take lower resources of the system and should be turned into a lightweight browser.
Anyhow,I am waiting for the release of the beta test version.Although there can’t be many differences between it and the version I am using now.Because I am waiting for a new era in the growing up of Firefox,I am waiting for a new page of the book of mozilla.
Just like Asa Dotzler said:”Calling it 1.1 would suggest to most users that this was a minor update when in fact it is quite major and all 1.0 users really should move forward for a much improved product.”
Will Firefox will eventually against a tougher enemy?

[Update] There is something I am still worrying about Deer Park (I am still not used to call it Firefox 1.5 , I really don’t wish to see it rebranded in the future)
1) will the updating system really work? I don’t know because I’ve never used it.
2) Extension writers should update and alter their work,but so far no enough evidence can prove we can welcome a large number of updated Extensions as well as we are celebrating the arrival of Firefox 1.5.
3) Will there be a significant decline in the amount of users due to the apparent advance of IE?

Break through gateway block

July 31, 2005 access has been blocked for ages in China,everybody attempt to visit this blog service provider have to go via a effective proxy.And it was what i did before to use this extraordinary service.
But now I am no longer annoyed with this,I don’t have to waste my time in finding a proper proxy server,anymore!
Just because I found these two lightweight applications.
Their names are Tor and Privoxy
First you need to download the two tool both,and then install them one by one.(It can’t be hard for Windows users,if you are using alternative systems,refer to the tutorials inside the website.)
Second,configure them,Tor is the core of our project,it will be set up to be a client of the Tor network by default,if you want to use it as a proxy you don’t have to configure it at all.It will work as you launch it after installation.As to Privoxy,the configuration is just as simple as adding a line to the configuration file.
Now Open Privoxy and turn to “Options–>Edit main configuration” and you are supposed to see a txt file named “config” and then add this line to the top of the file “forward-socks4a / localhost:9050 .” (don’t forget the dot and the space between the dot and the number).
Now restart Privoxy..Open your browser,and set a new proxy for Http, “localhost:8118”,and now you can visit more than you can previously.

[Plus]Previously and are both unable to connect,but now they both work perfectly.
If sometimes you find you are forbidden from a certain site,don’t worry just close Tor and restart it in a short while you are going to connect to another server which may have a better connection ablility.

FF tweak DIY

July 30, 2005

Here I will tell ya how to tweakk your Firefox so that it will work more effectively:
type “about:config�in the url blank,then press enter.You are supposed to see a page full of functions you can alter to adjust Firefox so that it can work perfect in different situations
1)new-integer –browser.cache.memory.capacity —〉ok -input 16000 as the number
2) find network.http.pipelining and make sure it’s true
3) network.http.proxy.pipelining true
4) network.http.pipelining.maxrequests change to a bigger number,but as to common users the change will help little.
5) nglayout.initialpaint.delay and replace it with 0
then restart FF(the configuration page will save automatically),and you will find your speed of surfing have changed a lot.

Last if you are a M$ windows user,you can open the hidden feature of prefetch..that is to say you can ask the system to pre-load Firefox before using it,which will aparently decrease the time you wasted in loading the browser…It’s very easy to enable this, right click on the icon of Firefox on your desktop and choose property then change the target into “�X\XXX\firefox.exe� /Prefetch:1″
So that what I know about tweak the speed of Firefox,but i can do nothing to prevent it from being a resource abuser.May these can help you.

How they cracked the Windows Genuine Advantage

July 30, 2005

Microsoft force us not to use pirate softwares,and the Windows Genuine Advantage will block pirate users from any advantage such as upgrade and the Service Packs,it seems to be awful for us the poor…Is it the time for us to save for months to buy a software?
The answer is definitely no,just like before,here comes the way to crack it..

For Internet Explorer users:

  • You’ll need to download trixie and the relevant user script [Thanks Mark S., MacMonkey]. Simply download the .js file and drop it into trixie’s scripts\ folder.
  • Fire up Internet Explorer (32-bit) and click Tools > Trixie Options. You should see WGA Workaround. If it’s not already checked, check it. Uncheck the others if you don’t want to use them (recommended).
  • Visit Microsoft Downloads or Microsoft Update to test it out!

For Mozilla Suite/Firefox users:

  • You’ll need to download greasemonkey and the relevant user script. Simply download the .js file to a temporary location (like the Desktop), drag it onto a Mozilla Suite/Firefox window and click Tools > Install User Script. Keep the defaults.
  • Visit Microsoft Downloads to test it out! NOTE: Microsoft Update does not support Firefox.

English learning resource

July 30, 2005
English learners can find a lot of things to learn on the Internet,what you need is just find a good way to get those materials and find a way to learn it effectively.
Learning on the net have several advantages,it’s more interactive,and the topics of them are often up-to-date,so it can’t be wrong to calm down and learn something everyday.
Here is the resources I found related to the language learning.
Voice of America:5 star advice,one of the best real-time broadcast,you can try to imitate and learn how to speak English in a genuine American way.Although gateway often forbid access in Asian countries but I have several links that have been working well for a long time.
Here comes the like of Voice of America radio: here
Open it in real player,enjoy the fun of broadcast
Second,which may be a priority to bloggers is podcast.A lot of armature anchor are producing and publishing frequently their feed(actually a link to their audio files) on their podcast site(in the same way as blog).
You can download their audio files in a client application instead of searching for hours on their website.I advice you to use ipodder (click to download the software).As to the feed,you can go to these site to find the podcasts that fit ya best:
They work just like a Rss News Reader,so it must be very easy for you to pick up the newest voices on the Internet.
Third,you can subscribe to the e-magazines or e-newspapers,major News portals all have these service,and are all free.I If you can spare a email box not in use now,you can subscribe as many as you can…lol~~
I bet you can learn enough if you follow these resources.

Desktop will be the next arena,again

July 29, 2005

I can recall clearly in the age of Windows 98,we have an option in Windows–Active desktop,which is based on IE,provides us with the service of bringing up-to-date information to us when we launched the system.
But it ended up in a failure,due to the low capacity of machines at that time and the huge amount of flaws of IE.
We may have forgotten it entirely,but big company can’t desktop is a great potential market,they can get more from it by providing more than Active Desktop years ago.
A few days ago,Yahoo! bought Konfabulator,which is a base of desktop applications.Konfabulator is greatly influenced by the Apple culture(you can judge from the website settings and styles).Actually it support both the Mac OS and Windows Systems.
I’ve never paid enough attentions to these applied desktop stuffs,but now I was told that you can make search and play games,view pictures,get the latest news by using these small widgets.
How amazing, what else did we do except these things? Yahoo is doing things Google attempted to do but still can’t achieve,Gmail and Google Suggest are both things of this kind but they can not be separated from browser, and MSN’s RSS screen saver are just the same thing from a different aspect.
What matters most is not just a Konfabulator,but the Developers inside the project,Google excels in the search area because it’s open and it allows and encourages develpopers and geeks to participate and create more that what they can bring to the users.And it’s just what Yahoo lack before,now all Konfabulator developers belong to Yahoo,you can submit your widget and you can share the idea of getting things better with the author,it’s the vision of open-source project and the way Firefox is using to enhance itself,so Yahoo must be ambitious in the future..
Ooh…I must say that I am confused as well as inspired by the current development of web which is greatly fueled by these great companies–IE 7 bring the RSS to the core of the system,Google may be preparing for GooOS or GOffice or even GooPC,and Yahoo is changing our desktop from a place to store the most frequently used tools to a place that we can handle all our jobs..
Maybe eventually we only need two things in your PC a desktop which is integrated in the system and a browser.
As to Google and MSN,Yahoo’s ambition means a tougher war in the future as to me,it means PC can be more funny.

Things remain improve in Yubnub

July 29, 2005

After talking about this new service I myself find out that it have several things remain improvement as well as a lot advantages.
First,if i created a command that will redirect users automatically to my blog it will help those viewers a lot,but if i get my blog address changed,how can i change ths existing command?
Why not open a feature that enable the creator to alter their command so that they can keep things alive and up-to-date?
Second,the search is too weak to make sence.I can’t search things accurately and easily.I think the idea of bringing in Tab may help a lot,anyway,it’s proved to be the most effective way to make a mess into a good order in the age of Web2.0
Yubnub have the potential to play a major role in our web life in the near future,but what matters most now is find our more bugs and fix them one by one as well as promoting it.

WinVista is starting a test mania

July 29, 2005

Microsoft has released screenshots of its next version of Windows, dubbed Windows Vista. For a more detailed, higher resolution look, the beta testers at Active Win also posted screenshots of what your new PC will look like at the end of next year. Windows Vista will include the supposedly much-improved Internet Explorer 7, higher security and improved file search capabilities.
(via lifehacker)
Less than 24 hours after Microsoft announced the release of Windows Vista Beta 1 and Internet Explorer 7 Beta 1 to testers and MSDN subscribers, both betas have leaked to Internet sites and newsgroups along with a crack for Windows Product Activation, according to BetaNews sources.
Microsoft representatives were not available to comment on the leaks by press time.
(via betanews)

Today everybody is rocked by the release of Windows Vista beta,and IE7 with it.Just like the leak within 24 hours,people all over the world are crazily downloading and testing the next generation of Windows OS.

Previously I thought that most common users will not get access to the os beta or most of current users will not show such a interest in the new OS.But the truth proved that I was wrong,in several my frequently read blogs,authors are now writing everything from every aspect of the new beta OS,no matter of the screenshot,bugs,or whether IE7 is friendly to M$’s rivals–Yahoo! and Google.

Now Teddy is still reading and writting things as usual on my old Windows2K based PC.I just can’t understand why people would rush to take a glimps of a new system. As to me I just fear that I have to learn how to fix and get things in order again. My Win2K is quite stable and effective now,any upgrade of system except for the sake of security doesn’t matter.