Steal from the school netcafe

I really hate the school very much for it brings me nothing but only boring life. So I’d like to seize every chance to do harm to it and get something from it for free.
Last week when I came back from home, I was told that we can pay 1 rmb yuan for an hour web access. So amid great joy and surprise I came there with my pals.
The minute I touched the system they use, I found that it was just shit.
Call out your process manager, and kill the process of the system, then a neat and clean desktop can do  everything.
It’s a perfect solution to get free web but the administrator may found out that your machine was not logged,so I thought of another way to achieve my goal.
Do not log on and do not kill the log on and pay system,either. Just call out your process manager and open the Internet explorer directly from it.
Get the browser, Huh? I believe you can do the rest by yourself~~~

One Response to “Steal from the school netcafe”

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