Thoughts about G-Reader

I am a hardcore fan of the Rss technology which I think brings us most convenient way to get the right information that we need in least time.
And I will raise my two hand up both if we can do all this in our browser. So whenever there is a new web news reader, I will have no hesitation to try it ASAP.
It was no exception for Google’s new stuff. Most of my friends have tried this G-labeled tools but most of us were disappointed (including me).
First of all, Gmail excelled in web mail just because the use of Ajax, which will make gmail much faster than it counterparts. Google Reade uses Ajax too. but with out been optimized,the speed is rather slow, and much slower than bloglines which only uses no advanced techs but only frames.
Second Google reader is not at all easy to use, although it has shortcut keys but it seems that it’s designed for left handed users~~To me it far more hard to use than Bloglines.
Anyhow Google reader has some advantages too, first it’s such a neat interface that there can’t be anything else bothering you. Second. you can view a feed or website just in the reader itself, so you can’t make a single mistake in adding a new feed or editing your settings.
Google reader is a relatively good product, but it’s also the worst Google made product I’ve ever tried. It’s so unfortunate that there is already a perfect Bloglines existing. Probably we can use Google reader as a alternative to Bloglines, when Bloglines is out of work, use it to continue our reading.

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