Desktop can be everything,but how long?

Today I downloaded a copy of the hot desktop toolkit.And I was conquered both by its effect and things I can do with it.
The arena of desktop will be the hottest market in the near future,nobody wants  to let it go.
Yahoo maybe the first to take great action among the three.(Google M$ and Yahoo),and it should be the best up to now.(Because it starts from an existing product).
Anyhow Google will still attach to Yahoo in the new battle.The latest version of Google Desktop Search has included some similar features,Although it’s not that flexible and the extensions are very limited right now,yet we can believe that Google won’t do a very disappointing job here.
Technically speaking,it’s very easy to catch up with Yahoo on desktop utilities.But what bothers the other two is how can they do much better and grab the market successfully.
All of the three have their own local search tools.And now Google had already integrate the ideas of desktop utilities with their local search application.How will the rest react is still unknown.But one thing is very clear–The war on desktop is drawing nearer and nearer.
WebOS is still very far to us,but the dream of doing every thing on the desktop is very near.May be one day we needn’t to argue is Firefox better of IE better,because we may don’t need them at all.


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