A new search engine

Today,via www.klog.org I got to know this search engine.
According to them,this search engine is the world’s most advanced search engine.

Web Image Video Dictionary and mp3 you can find anything you want to know here.
No matter how they said,let’s give it a try I searched a rock band’s name: slipknot,and now let’s see what we got:

As any other search engines you can get the web pages related to this key word,but what differs from ordinary service is that you can get extra information here:
You can get the songs and photos and anything about slipknot.
You can get to know the basic infos about the band and the members…
In a single word,it’s smart
But the speed of the website is so slow……..I don’t think they can get a big hit without a more fast access for anybody.


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