Thoughts about Gmail

Since I talked about it in my last entry I can’t help thinking more about it,and it makes me pick up the old topic again.
In April I was astonished by talks about the new feature about Gmail–They said that google might add a feature by the name of Web Clip.
No matter how they describe it,and no matter how vivid the picture is in their blog looked,everything proved in vain.
One week ago,Google introduced RSS reading in to the personalized google homepage at last.But I am still missing the dream that I can cast a glimpse and get to know what’s hot and new in the world when checking my email.
Actually Google really want to made gmail part of its most attractive service.When Gmail was put out to stage,we were suffering for not able to get a good and large free email box,but the arrival of Gmail made everybody crazy,and the invitation-only method made more people away from the secret product and feeling helpless.What rocked us next is its capacity,you were told that the age of deleting and sorting your email was gone,you don’t need to sort your email,for the Google mail search will do you a huge favor,you are told that you can do more in Gmail,because they will add more feature soon.
Then peope all over the net were crazy about Gmail,we refuse to use our briefcase anymore because the Gmail Drive Extension was much more convenient.You can even publish your blog via Gmail…at that time everybody believed that Gmail will be the center of their personalized web life.
But what happened later?…Nothing….The last time we were told great change arrived was the arrival of Rich Text Editor…WebClip however still keeps as an potential feature in the entries labled with the time April,X,2005 in some blogs.
But Google shouldn’t stop developing Gmail,gmail is still one of the most attractive stuffs of the Hall of Fame in google.Hotmail has already made a step to grow stronger in the Gmail way,not only capacity but also the way it works(auto-refresh,etc).Google is now realizing the importance of RSS and the word “personalization”.so why cast a successful product aside?
Maybe Gmail can learn something from wallop and flickr,a mailbox shouldn’t be only a mail box,we can check news in it,we can listen to radios in it,or we can send something from the mailbox to our blogs…..
I really miss the days when we were crazy of every small changes about Gmail.And I hope gmail can get on to be the best(at least the most weird) free email ever.


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