Something about Deer Park

I’ve been using Deer Park alpha 2 for about half a month,now according to the official roadmap,the beta test (Feature Complete general preview release) will be out in the very near future.
After two alpha tests,Deer Park (Firefox 1.5) is proved to be a stable and fast browser.
Equipped with the new kernel (Gecko 1.8),and a brand new Extension system and the potential updating feature,Firefox needn’t to fear the stong challenge from M$ IE 7.
But at the stage of now,I am waiting for a solution to help Firefox work in a smarter way,I mean,Firefox should take lower resources of the system and should be turned into a lightweight browser.
Anyhow,I am waiting for the release of the beta test version.Although there can’t be many differences between it and the version I am using now.Because I am waiting for a new era in the growing up of Firefox,I am waiting for a new page of the book of mozilla.
Just like Asa Dotzler said:”Calling it 1.1 would suggest to most users that this was a minor update when in fact it is quite major and all 1.0 users really should move forward for a much improved product.”
Will Firefox will eventually against a tougher enemy?

[Update] There is something I am still worrying about Deer Park (I am still not used to call it Firefox 1.5 , I really don’t wish to see it rebranded in the future)
1) will the updating system really work? I don’t know because I’ve never used it.
2) Extension writers should update and alter their work,but so far no enough evidence can prove we can welcome a large number of updated Extensions as well as we are celebrating the arrival of Firefox 1.5.
3) Will there be a significant decline in the amount of users due to the apparent advance of IE?


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