Break through gateway block access has been blocked for ages in China,everybody attempt to visit this blog service provider have to go via a effective proxy.And it was what i did before to use this extraordinary service.
But now I am no longer annoyed with this,I don’t have to waste my time in finding a proper proxy server,anymore!
Just because I found these two lightweight applications.
Their names are Tor and Privoxy
First you need to download the two tool both,and then install them one by one.(It can’t be hard for Windows users,if you are using alternative systems,refer to the tutorials inside the website.)
Second,configure them,Tor is the core of our project,it will be set up to be a client of the Tor network by default,if you want to use it as a proxy you don’t have to configure it at all.It will work as you launch it after installation.As to Privoxy,the configuration is just as simple as adding a line to the configuration file.
Now Open Privoxy and turn to “Options–>Edit main configuration” and you are supposed to see a txt file named “config” and then add this line to the top of the file “forward-socks4a / localhost:9050 .” (don’t forget the dot and the space between the dot and the number).
Now restart Privoxy..Open your browser,and set a new proxy for Http, “localhost:8118”,and now you can visit more than you can previously.

[Plus]Previously and are both unable to connect,but now they both work perfectly.
If sometimes you find you are forbidden from a certain site,don’t worry just close Tor and restart it in a short while you are going to connect to another server which may have a better connection ablility.


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