How they cracked the Windows Genuine Advantage

Microsoft force us not to use pirate softwares,and the Windows Genuine Advantage will block pirate users from any advantage such as upgrade and the Service Packs,it seems to be awful for us the poor…Is it the time for us to save for months to buy a software?
The answer is definitely no,just like before,here comes the way to crack it..

For Internet Explorer users:

  • You’ll need to download trixie and the relevant user script [Thanks Mark S., MacMonkey]. Simply download the .js file and drop it into trixie’s scripts\ folder.
  • Fire up Internet Explorer (32-bit) and click Tools > Trixie Options. You should see WGA Workaround. If it’s not already checked, check it. Uncheck the others if you don’t want to use them (recommended).
  • Visit Microsoft Downloads or Microsoft Update to test it out!

For Mozilla Suite/Firefox users:

  • You’ll need to download greasemonkey and the relevant user script. Simply download the .js file to a temporary location (like the Desktop), drag it onto a Mozilla Suite/Firefox window and click Tools > Install User Script. Keep the defaults.
  • Visit Microsoft Downloads to test it out! NOTE: Microsoft Update does not support Firefox.

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