FF tweak DIY

Here I will tell ya how to tweakk your Firefox so that it will work more effectively:
type “about:config�in the url blank,then press enter.You are supposed to see a page full of functions you can alter to adjust Firefox so that it can work perfect in different situations
1)new-integer –browser.cache.memory.capacity —〉ok -input 16000 as the number
2) find network.http.pipelining and make sure it’s true
3) network.http.proxy.pipelining true
4) network.http.pipelining.maxrequests change to a bigger number,but as to common users the change will help little.
5) nglayout.initialpaint.delay and replace it with 0
then restart FF(the configuration page will save automatically),and you will find your speed of surfing have changed a lot.

Last if you are a M$ windows user,you can open the hidden feature of prefetch..that is to say you can ask the system to pre-load Firefox before using it,which will aparently decrease the time you wasted in loading the browser…It’s very easy to enable this, right click on the icon of Firefox on your desktop and choose property then change the target into “�X\XXX\firefox.exe� /Prefetch:1″
So that what I know about tweak the speed of Firefox,but i can do nothing to prevent it from being a resource abuser.May these can help you.


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