English learning resource

English learners can find a lot of things to learn on the Internet,what you need is just find a good way to get those materials and find a way to learn it effectively.
Learning on the net have several advantages,it’s more interactive,and the topics of them are often up-to-date,so it can’t be wrong to calm down and learn something everyday.
Here is the resources I found related to the language learning.
Voice of America:5 star advice,one of the best real-time broadcast,you can try to imitate and learn how to speak English in a genuine American way.Although gateway often forbid access in Asian countries but I have several links that have been working well for a long time.
Here comes the like of Voice of America radio: here
Open it in real player,enjoy the fun of broadcast
Second,which may be a priority to bloggers is podcast.A lot of armature anchor are producing and publishing frequently their feed(actually a link to their audio files) on their podcast site(in the same way as blog).
You can download their audio files in a client application instead of searching for hours on their website.I advice you to use ipodder (click to download the software).As to the feed,you can go to these site to find the podcasts that fit ya best: http://www.podcast.net/show/8715 http://www.wnyc.org/about/podcasting.html http://www.podcast.net/show/38342
They work just like a Rss News Reader,so it must be very easy for you to pick up the newest voices on the Internet.
Third,you can subscribe to the e-magazines or e-newspapers,major News portals all have these service,and are all free.I If you can spare a email box not in use now,you can subscribe as many as you can…lol~~
I bet you can learn enough if you follow these resources.

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