WinVista is starting a test mania

Microsoft has released screenshots of its next version of Windows, dubbed Windows Vista. For a more detailed, higher resolution look, the beta testers at Active Win also posted screenshots of what your new PC will look like at the end of next year. Windows Vista will include the supposedly much-improved Internet Explorer 7, higher security and improved file search capabilities.
(via lifehacker)
Less than 24 hours after Microsoft announced the release of Windows Vista Beta 1 and Internet Explorer 7 Beta 1 to testers and MSDN subscribers, both betas have leaked to Internet sites and newsgroups along with a crack for Windows Product Activation, according to BetaNews sources.
Microsoft representatives were not available to comment on the leaks by press time.
(via betanews)

Today everybody is rocked by the release of Windows Vista beta,and IE7 with it.Just like the leak within 24 hours,people all over the world are crazily downloading and testing the next generation of Windows OS.

Previously I thought that most common users will not get access to the os beta or most of current users will not show such a interest in the new OS.But the truth proved that I was wrong,in several my frequently read blogs,authors are now writing everything from every aspect of the new beta OS,no matter of the screenshot,bugs,or whether IE7 is friendly to M$’s rivals–Yahoo! and Google.

Now Teddy is still reading and writting things as usual on my old Windows2K based PC.I just can’t understand why people would rush to take a glimps of a new system. As to me I just fear that I have to learn how to fix and get things in order again. My Win2K is quite stable and effective now,any upgrade of system except for the sake of security doesn’t matter.


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