Web command line ?!

Have you ever dreamed that one day you type a line of customizable command and it will lead you to somewhere or it will do a certain thing such as search,caulculate,etc.
Then try this site,it’s said that it provides you with a social command line for the web.Now let’s see how it works.

Task Purpose: setup a simple command that will lead you to my blog.
How to achieve: go to the main page and find this link: Create a new command and then input the name of the command in the first line of the form, and then a url that this command indicates,plus you were asked to type in a few lines of describtion.
How I did: ted–>http://havoc.moved.in/–>Teddy’s Blog.
Here we go…
Open the site again,and type “ted? in to the searvh box,press enter,see where you are now…..It’s my blog,isn’t it…

For Firefox users,we have a Firefox search plugin, Aaron ‘Jomdom’ Ransley has written a fantastic Firefox search plugin for YubNub
And not only can you use it as a redirector,you can also addparameters to your url.Emmm…it’s why you can directly search an image by typing “gim XXX?
Plus we were told that it’s a social web command line service…then will we be working in groups and will we be able to share good or weird commands with our pals in the near future?
Cheer..Try it,it’s a really sweet stuff….


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