Things remain improve in Yubnub

After talking about this new service I myself find out that it have several things remain improvement as well as a lot advantages.
First,if i created a command that will redirect users automatically to my blog it will help those viewers a lot,but if i get my blog address changed,how can i change ths existing command?
Why not open a feature that enable the creator to alter their command so that they can keep things alive and up-to-date?
Second,the search is too weak to make sence.I can’t search things accurately and easily.I think the idea of bringing in Tab may help a lot,anyway,it’s proved to be the most effective way to make a mess into a good order in the age of Web2.0
Yubnub have the potential to play a major role in our web life in the near future,but what matters most now is find our more bugs and fix them one by one as well as promoting it.


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