A rising star–P2P TV

We used to watch TV online with our old-fashioned stream media players,but I am becoming so tired of being refused by a dialog box claimed that the server is full already…
How to solve it,how to make the most of limited bandwidth? You may think of p2p technology.Yep,we can download large files in an amazing speed (if a lot of others share the same interest) ,why can’t we use it to help us to view TV programs smoothly on the net?
I don’t know how much progress you’ve got in western countries,but in China we’re just beginning to try it.There are simply a few these kind software.
I love one of them best,it’s called pplive and it’s now enjoying a high vortex of popularity now.I can receive National Geographic Channel and Several major satellite television channels in Hongkong and mainland china.
Let’s cast the technology aside,p2p is now already a very stable solution for home users and especially xDSL users.I think what matters more is the course of keeping the material of a TV program existing longer in a legal way.If we have a lot of good and fast programs,we needn’t worry about how many users will adopt our application.And as to the current situation,it’s the main problem.

Anyhow, I predicted that p2p TV will have a better future,because people are always eager to have free TVs on the internet.Especially p2p TV have what its alternatives lack,it need nothing bur popularity ,no high end server is needed.Haha…I ‘m enjoying…


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